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This is a huge week for me. In addition to the new poetry anthology and These are the Voyages exceeding all hopes and expectations, my story “The World Ends at 8:05 p.m. Eastern Standard Time is up at Split Infinitive. It’s free to read, and I’m particularly proud of this one, so please take the time to read it.


All The World’s a Stage and I’m a Poet

Post on the latest Dagda poetry anthology that includes a few of my poems.

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Photo: Good morning folks. Here is the cover for Threads, which will be released tomorrow on Amazon. For all sales of this anthology, we shall be donating 50% of the proceeds to Shelter (Reg Charity No. 263710), and the cost of this collection of 42 poems will be £4.99 for the paperback and £1.99 for the ebook on Kindle. Stay tuned for the links tomorrow to where you can purchase a copy.

Today heralds another release from the epic Dagda Publishing which as mentioned in a previous post has just released the wonderful Tuned to a Dead Channelan anthology of dystopian creativity and wonder which is a must read for any true literary enthusiast. This next release is an anthology of a different kind. Held within are forty two examples of poetic genius ranging from the epic to the mythological and each one a celebration of rhythm and meter. Much like Tuned I can recommend this as a great read, one you will not be disappointed in.

There is a difference with this anthology however. Within it’s bindings I have managed to get some of my own work published. This is a great honour, one which I hope will not disappoint readers and one which has spurred me to continue to try and get more of my work published. Poetry…

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My story, “The Price of My Services,” is highlighted in this review of Tuned to a Dead Channel:


The Price of My Services by Dylan Otto Krider- A greedy PR professional joins forces with a Petrochemical Company who’s fuel additives created zombies that could be used as an alternative energy source. “Tell me any three things about you, and I can convince you of anything, absolutely anything- even if it’s that the zombie apocalypse will save the planet.” (107)

Dedication, Skill… and a Bloody Boat Load of Excellent Creativity

The dystopian anthology, Tuned to a Dead Channel, launched today. People are already talking about it!

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Tuned To A Dead Channel - Out 20th September!

On average, I tend to use this page not only to talk of my own attempts at creativity but celebrate that aspect in others also. I find creativity in all forms fascinating and love to share that with any I can. This time it comes in the form of a newly released anthology of short stories. Tuned to a Dead Channel is the new collection of short stories from the epic Dagda Publishing, a relatively new publishers that already has an impressive portfolio of work behind them. This includes both Tuned to a Dead Channel and the soon to be published Threads, an anthology of poetry.

Now anyone who has read a good number of my posts before will know about my friend Jex. Known publicly as the author J Collyer, she has been both a wonderful friend to me and one of my main inspirations for my own…

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My story coming in the October Lightspeed

My story coming in the October Lightspeed

“Plus, we have original fantasy by Dylan Otto Krider (“The Five Deaths of Marvin Dimitri”) and Charlie Jane Anders (“Small Dead Creatures”) and fantasy reprints by Karin Tidbeck (“Augusta Prima”) and Neil Gaiman (“An Invocation of Incuriosity”).”